Every Child Deserves an Education

Equal Start

Bringing the latest in digital education to deserving children

The Story

Escaping to Malaysia in search of Hope & Opportunity for their families and children

Escaping turmoil and war, from countries in South East Asia and beyond, approximately 200,000 refugees have come to Malaysia seeking refuge and new opportunity. Running from persecution in their home countries was their only choice for survival.

Families arrive with hopes and dreams of a new beginning, of a promising life for themselves and their children.

Their new life comes with a new set of unanticipated challenges.

Of great concern, refugee children in Malaysia have little to no access to one of the most the basic rights of every child — a proper education – for a promising future.

Our Vision

Equal Start aims to provide all marginalised children in Malaysia the chance to Grow & Learn using advanced digital education.

The vast majority of refugee, migrant and stateless children in Malaysia are growing up with no literacy and numeracy skills, with severely impaired pathways for learning. Years of education have been missed. There is much work to do to help them catch up!

A handful of learning centers have been established by compassionate NGOs and other Malaysian-based organizations. They are fully funded by donations. UNHCR estimates less than 30% of refugee children have access to some form of education in Malaysia.

At Equal Start, we envision expanding educational opportunities, collaboratively working with partner NGOs, so these deserving children have access to accelerated education using advanced digital education technology.

Our Mission

Leverage Effective & Scalable digital technology to ensure all children have equal access to essential education and a promising future

Refugee learning centers face huge challenges with limited funding, scarcity of qualified
teachers and insufficient capacity. There is little prospect to expand educational offerings to meet the overall educational needs of refugee children in Malaysia with the traditional classroom learning model.

Digital education software on tablets has the potential to increase learning effectiveness by 200%+ at a overall cost of ~50% of traditional learning center models.

Children learn basic literacy and numeracy using award winning software that is self-learning and fun to use!

This novel Digital Learning Model is being deployed in the communities where the families reside…..significantly reducing operational costs, and increasing safety…..while improving sustainability, enhancing scalability and greatly improving learning outcomes.

Your generous support will help us bring Digital Learning to every deserving child.

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