Who We Are

Equal Start aims to give deserving children a promising future filled with numbers and letters:   able to read their way around the world

Equal Start is a non-profit organization consisting of an all-volunteer team of highly skilled and experienced NGO leaders, educators, technical experts, and business leaders, working alongside refugee learning center leaders and refugee community representatives.

The plight of the refugee and migrant communities, and particularly the challenges they face to educate their children is our plight.

We are passionate in our endeavor, and invite you to join us with your talents, encouragement and support. We would love to hear from you. 

Our Team

Managing Director
The hope for a promising future is built on a quality education
Business Development Director
Connecting sponsors and partners
Compliance Director
True education creates opportunity for children to gain knowledge and mature socially and emotionally, blossoming into well-balanced adults
Education Lead
Passion to bring quality education to all children

Our Partners

Penang Science Cluster

Living Word Centre

Kids Place by Kiddoware

In-Tech Electronics