Equal Start

We are passionate to help these children learn and grow

Building Brighter Futures for Deserving Children

Quality education is crucial, but out of reach for many migrant, refugee and stateless children in Malaysia. Our program tackles this challenge head-on by developing a dynamic program specifically designed for their needs, fostering academic success and holistic development.

Our Strategies

Language Acquisition and Digital Literacy

  • Develop engaging ESL learning materials and apps
  • Equip learners with core English language skills
  • Foster digital literacy for effective communication and learning in the digital ages

Holistic Development and Critical Thinking

  • Cultivate critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills
  • Provide engaging and effective instruction aligned with national curriculum frameworks
  • Ensure the holistic development of each learner

Bridging the Gap for Overage Learners

  • Develop targeted strategies and materials
  • Accelerate the learning journey of overage learners
  • Provide tailored support to bridge educational gaps

Technology Integration for Enhanced Learning

  • Integrate EdTech tools strategically into the curriculum
  • Improve program quality and personalize learning experiences
  • Enhance learning outcomes for refugee children

Teacher Capacity Building and Support

  • Equip teachers with necessary skills through mentoring and training
  • Provide ongoing support for teachers with limited qualifications and experience
  • Empower teachers to meet the diverse needs of refugee learners

Program Quality Improvement and Alignment

  • Continuously improve program quality
  • Align with educational standards and best practices
  • Ensure relevance and responsiveness to the evolving needs of refugee children

Pilot Project Plan

Pilot at established Learning Center

Children of all ages learn in tech-equipped classrooms with daily 2-hour sessions using award-winning digital programs and regular progress checks

Pilot at novel Community Learning Center

New CLC launched! We adapt curriculum and resources to address unique needs, closely monitoring progress to ensure ongoing improvement.

Additional Learning Centers Added

Initial CLC learnings guide curriculum & resource refinement for broader use. Expansion to more centers planned to maximize impact & program sustainability.

Beyond Academics: A Holistic Program for Refugee Children

Going beyond academics, our program empowers refugee children through a unique blend of technology, personalized learning, and community engagement. We address learning gaps and support individual needs with adaptive EdTech tools and a tailored curriculum. This holistic approach integrates social-emotional learning and critical thinking skills, fostering well-rounded individuals. We actively collaborate with the community and adapt to evolving needs, ensuring program effectiveness and long-term sustainability.

Blended Learning Model

  • Combining EdTech tools with traditional instruction and engaging activities
  • Addressing diverse learning styles and teacher skill gaps
  • Interactive apps covering English, Math, SEL, and critical thinking

Tailored Curriculum

  • Focusing on each child’s unique needs and pace of learning
  • Customizing curriculum to address specific challenges
  • Ensuring relevance, accessibility, and effectiveness

Focused Intervention

  • Utilizing educational apps and workbook exercises in classes
  • Providing individual support from teachers and volunteers
  • Using platforms like Kahoot! for small-group instruction

Holistic Approach

  • Integrating social-emotional learning and critical thinking into the curriculum
  • Nurturing well-rounded individuals for success beyond academics

Addressing Teacher Needs

  • Supporting teachers, including those with limited English proficiency
  • Empowering educators with appropriate tools and resources through EdTech
  • Leveraging technology, such as AI, for enhanced content delivery

Community Engagement

  • Seeking input and collaboration from parents, the refugee community, and stakeholders
  • Ensuring program relevance and addressing community priorities
  • Fostering ownership and empowerment within the community