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What We Do

Digital Education Pilot Project

Our Pilot Project is structured to assess and validate the Digital Learning Model (DLM) using globally recognized award-winning learning software on digital tablets. It is conducted in two segments to assess feasibility, effectiveness.


Digital Learning

  • Advanced digital educational programs

  • Gamification for fun and engaged learning

  • Effective learning 2 hours per day

  • English and Mathematics

  • Addresses Basic Literacy and Numeracy

Built for Remote Learning

  • Pre-loaded software

  • No internet connection required

  • Tablets

  • Self learning – a trained facilitator supervises

  • Local internet to upload student progress

Pilot Project Plan

Pilot at established Learning Center

A special Digital Learning classroom is created. Children of various ages and educational experience learn for 2 hours each day on award winning digital learning programs. Learning progress is assessed periodically during the pilot period.

Pilot at novel Micro Learning Center

A single classroom is located in the community where the children reside. This new model has the promise to dramatically lower the monthly per student cost for affordability and long term sustainability. Learning progress will be validated to be equivalent to the larger Learning Center.

Phase 1 Program Expansion

Once effective learning progress is shown in both the Learning Center and Micro Learning Centers, we intend to work closely with other Learning Centers and NGOs to help them adopt the DLM model, and will open additional Micro Learning Centers in priority neighborhoods where unreached children live.